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Within a branding meeting we define who you are at your core: we identify your strengths and your style, we determine what makes you stand out and define your future goals within this music business jungle.


Promotion is a big part of an artists life. You want that people know you and your music, don't you? I will do PR campaigns, place your music to all swiss radios and media, organise interviews, strategic collaborations and much more.


My goal is to get you on stage as much as you like. That's why I can help you searching for the right locations to play at and help you get in contact with booking agencies that fit with your desires.


Online Marketing

Social Media and all this other cool stuff is essential, it's your business card to the world. I will help you take care of your website, Facebook, Instagram, ... and teach tips and tricks you how to grow your online community.


Take all the services listed here and throw them in a big pot. It's a 360° service which will help you take the next step in your music career.


You didn't find what you need?

Don't worry (be happy), tell me all your needs and I will get back to you.


I can help you if

  • You are to shy to sell yourself
  • Your website and social media are not up to date but you don't know where to start
  • You have the music but you don't know how to get it out
  • You need to find a producer, songwriter or agency that satisfies your needs
  • You need strategies for your next step in your music career
  • You don't know how you could stand out in this music business jungle
  • You feel that your band rows against you instead of sharing your vision
  • ...

How I work


It doesn't matter where you are, where you write your music or where would you like to promote your album. You only need a computer, a connection to the internet and I can help you taking the next step in your music career.


Internet is a wonderful tool but there is nothing better than a one-to-one meeting where you can explain exactly what you need and brainstorm with me the solutions to your problems. I love to meet my clients personally,  drink a coffee with them and talk about their future as artists.